A Child is Missing

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with A Child is Missing (ACIM) to bring faster response to our area during critical times of need. ACIM contains a program that assists in alerting a larger area without the worry or hassle of crossing public safety jurisdictions. This program can be used when children, elderly, physically or mentally handicapped, and even university students are missing.

ACIM states that when they are notified of a missing person meeting the above criteria, an alert message is recorded and phoned at a thousand calls a minute to the surrounding area where the person was last seen. The recorded alert asks anyone with information on the missing person to call the reporting area agency.

The steps to alerting the area are as follows:
1) A missing person is reported to the area law enforcement agency
2) The law enforcement agency representative reports the missing person to ACIM
3) The ACIM system performs thousands of calls in only a few minutes saturating area businesses and residences with the missing person’s name and physical information and asking them to be on the lookout for the missing individual.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your assistance with this program’s effectiveness by having you go to the following website and register as a contact person for your area. We appreciate all assistance aiding us with the safe return of someone’s loved one.

Visit the Website

1900 Frederick Road
Opelika, AL 36803-0688
(334) 749-5651

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